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How Certification Works

FST certification involves a hands-on seminar and online course. It is preferred that you take this online class before you participate in the hands-on seminar.

Soft tissue dysfunction will be treated head to toe using FAKTR Concepts with specific attention to ligament, tendon, myofascial, post-surgical care in both the acute and chronic phases.

You will learn to use the 3 applications of FAKTR:

  1. Neurologic
  2. Pro-inflammatory structural changes
  3. Anti-inflammatory

and the 5 FAKTR concepts:

  1. Positions of provocation
  2. Motion
  3. Resistance (under load)
  4. Functional Positions and activities
  5. Adding proprioception.

Finally, we will demonstrate rehabilitation exercises for each body part for remodeling and stabilization of soft tissue with specific attention to use of theraband low tech rehab for kinetic chain and postural dysfunction using Janda Concepts, TRX suspension trainers, and much more. There will be 4+ exercises demonstrated for each soft tissue section that will enhance and create longer lasting benefits to your FAKTR soft tissue treatments!

Attend a LIVE Hands-on Seminar

Functional Soft Tissue, Featuring FAKTR is a 14.5 hour hands on seminar including an introduction to movement assessment, the evaluation and treatment of soft tissue dysfunction using FAKTR Concepts and Applications, and rehabilitation for soft tissue remodeling and restoring motor pathways.

Complete the FAKTR Online Course

This 5.5 hour FST online course is required to become a FST certified provider. Once enrolled, you have 12 months to complete the coursework and pass the exam.

We've Extensively Mobilized Your Experience

Online Course

This online course includes a review of the soft tissue/fascia literature as well as nerve flossing, evaluation and treatment of upper extremity nerve entrapments, how to treat using manual and instrument assisted methods, hand holds and strokes, introduction to Functional Taping for MSK Injuries and more.

Hands-on Seminar

Movement Assessment will be introduced to assist in determining areas of injury and dysfunction and help isolate areas along the kinetic chain that may be dysfunctional but not pain provoking for faster and more lasting outcomes. These evaluation procedures can also be used for functional assessments for progress evaluation documentation.

FST Certification Bundle

Now you can purchase a seminar admission and the online course together and save $50.

Already Attended A Seminar?

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